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Looking for a Personal & Professional Development Expert? Diana Dentinger has been a Corporate Trainer, Executive Coach and Psychosomatic Illness therapist for over 30 years, creating the only 21st Century Personality Profile based on her rigorous research & vast experience in human behaviour with people around the globe.

Your brain runs your show! So the best way to improve yourself, get clear on what you want and reach your results is to follow the brain’s principles. Seeing is believing and achieving for all of Diana’s clients as they draw how they see themselves before and after they have gone through their Personality Profile. The changes are mind blowing! Everything else you hear about “change your story” or work on your mindset are not effective or long lasting.


A 21st Century Profile: You are More than 1 of 8 Types 

There are over 1 Million Google searches for “Personality Test” in USA per month. That means a lot of people want to know who they are, their set of strengths, qualities and talents. But the mainstream assessments, called Psychometric tests, are outdated, inaccurate and very “old school” originating in the Industrial Revolution. At the start they were misused for the selection of Personnel for factory jobs or military service. They continue to be misused. Let’s give people more precise and profound answers, but not about their MO, rather about who they are!

Unless you “Play in the Game of Life & Business” in the right place to leverage your innate “Way to Play” then you risk both health and other consequences that increase your stress instead of increasing your happiness. The “4 Places to Play” in the Ecosystem are based on the 4 tissue layers where illnesses manifest when you are in the wrong place. You have been warned – Stay where you belong.

Seen & Heard On around the World

Diana’s leading edge Methodology has been featured in over 200 media channels in the past 5 years. We are here to evolve the Coaching & Training Industry as well as Education Systems so individuals have clear answers about who they are and why they are here.

Speaking Topics for Corporate, Individuals & Universities as Keynotes, Workshops, Virtual

1. Unlocking the Code of Excellence: Finding Where You Belong

Forget everything you’ve heard about the traditional paths to excellence and success. In a world obsessed with the “how” and “what” of achieving greatness, we’ve lost sight of the foundational “where” that truly sets the stage for transformative achievement. Diana unravels the overlooked significance of being in the right place – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – as the starting point for unleashing your authentic self and living your purpose. She posits that understanding “Where You Belong” is the most critical of the 5 W’s, a concept that disrupts traditional notions of success and leadership.

2. Beyond Hacks and Habits: Unleashing Productivity Through Self-Discovery

In the whirlwind of productivity strategies and time management hacks flooding our lives—from the Pomodoro Technique to the 80/20 Rule—there lies a gaping hole that most systems fail to address: the essence of the individual at the heart of it all. Diana Dentinger steps onto the scene with a groundbreaking approach, dubbing it “The 5th Generation of Time Management and Productivity.” This revolutionary perspective shifts the focus from the mainstream’s obsession with what to do and when to the most crucial aspect: WHO is doing it.

3. The Real Foundation of Self-Confidence: Know Thyself to Trust Thyself

In an era where self-help gurus and motivational speakers tout quick fixes for building self-confidence and boosting self-esteem, Diana Dentinger stands apart, offering a profound and enduring solution. “The Real Foundation of Self-Confidence” isn’t just another talk; it’s a revolutionary perspective on self-awareness as the cornerstone of genuine confidence and self-esteem. Diana disrupts the conventional narrative, emphasizing that the key to unwavering self-assurance isn’t found in repetitive self-affirmations or the company we keep, but in a profound understanding and acceptance of our unique selves.

4. Reboot Your Inner Compass: A Revolutionary Approach to Discover What You Really Want

“Reboot Your Inner Compass” isn’t just another speaking topic; it’s a transformative journey that disrupts conventional wisdom about self-discovery and goal setting. Diana Dentinger challenges the status quo by arguing that the key to truly understanding what you want in life doesn’t start with looking outward but inward. Before you can answer “What do I want?” you must know “Who am I?” at a profound and intricate level.

5. Decoding Absenteeism: Emotional Wellbeing as the Key to Organizational Health

“Decoding Absenteeism” is not just another corporate wellness talk. It’s a groundbreaking exploration into how emotional wellbeing is intricately linked to organizational health. Diana dismantles the conventional narratives surrounding absenteeism, revealing how it’s often a cry for help from employees struggling with unresolved emotional conflicts, rather than just a management headache.

6. Leadership: The Power of Being You for Positive Influence

Diana asserts that the essence of leadership doesn’t lie in mastering a set of external qualities or behaviors. Instead, it’s about embracing the coherency of being unapologetically you. Leadership, according to Diana, is an internal call to action, a natural expression of one’s true self, rather than an externally imposed role filled with prescribed attributes and actions.

In this enlightening talk, attendees will explore the transformative concept that being a genuine leader is rooted in self-confidence and the profound understanding of one’s innate personality and talents. Diana illustrates how “being real” is the strongest foundation for trust, inspiring others not by attempting to be someone you’re not, but by fully stepping into who you are.